TC-VKE91161MS-IP 16 port 8 port VGA KVM IP switch with extender

  • Brand: HD-TECTION
  • 1 U standard rack installation.
  • Standard DTP (CAT5/5e/6) cable installation.
  • Support a local control terminal and a CAT5 extension control terminal.
  • Support hardware reset button.
  • Switching methods- OSD menu switching, keyboard hotkey switching, panel switching, remote control switching, local remote control.
  • CAT5 network interface, a single KVM can control 8/16/32 servers, computers or hard disk video recorders, suitable for managing high-dcnsity server cabinets.
  • Remote access sup ports various resolution modes, up to
  • 1920×1080@60Hz
  • Each port has independent brightness and contrast adjustment
  • Support automatic scanning, the default scanning time is 5 seconds.
  • The connection cable between PC module and KVM is within 0-100 meters, and the best effect is 50 meters
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