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Technical support

R&D assit for new product development and excellent support for after sales .

Fair Advice

Help you find the best-suited technology that used for a guaranteed application solution.

Fast Delivery

HD-TECTION helps you achive your concept into a reality product in a very short time.


HD-TECTION enables our clients one year quality guarantee on products, not-improper use.


Custom manufacturing for brand dealers, from fucntion to product appearance.

Benefits With HD-TECTION

 For new projects we divide into 3 stages: Product Specs, Product Engineering & Product Testing. We have teams for each stage to make sure we meet or surpass TQC expect, before handover to our customers, we guarantee on functionality, compatibility and reliability.


Professional team of Pro AV solution

We have a professional R&D team to develop high-performance products. Because We invest a lot in quality control, with a professional quality department and a complete quality control system. There are less complaints. From research and development, quality control of material procurement, production,quality control, testing, to delivery. We have a complete system to manufacture reliable products.

Technology Innovation

We have been engaged for years to provide Pro AV products and solutions in China and accumulated extensive experience in product development. To date, we have been successfully developed a series of products, meeting the requirements for AV extension, switching and splitting in various scenarios, such as education, conference, home entertainment, retail, CCTV surveillance, etc. In the future, we will continue to develop highly integrated and easy-to-use product solutions to bring greater simplicity to Pro AV market.

HD-TECTION plant production line
SMT Production Machine


The HD-TECTION’s Surface Mount Technology (SMT) equipment has further increased factory output while minimizing downtime. Each of HD-TECTION’s seven SMT lines is maintained by a staff of trained technicians for additional quality control and operational maintenance. The SMT ensure to manufacture the high quality PCB.

Excellent Production Line

The professional modern assemblt line allows for a cleaner and more organized factory environment. Each ATEN product begins its life in a storage bin of components, passing through each floor of the factory and each rigorous inspection before it is packaged, tested and sent out for distribution.

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